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Archive of posts tagged Colonial America

Roger the Ranger

Roger the Ranger: A Story of Border Life Among the Indians , Eliza Pollard (Inheritance Publications, 2008; originally published in London, S. W. Partridge & Co., 1893) pb., 210 pp. Ages 6+ This is an exciting story following the fortunes of two families in colonial America who have been very close for years but end […]

The Sign of the Beaver

The Sign of the Beaver, Elizabeth George Speare (Random House, 1983), pb., 135 pp. Ages 6-13 This is pretty good book set in the frontier of Maine in colonial America. The main character, 12 year old Matt, along with his father has gone out to their newly purchased land in Maine to build a house […]

With Wolfe in Canada

With Wolfe in Canada, Or the Winning of a Continent, G. A. Henty (Blackie and Son, 1886; Preston/Speed Publications, 1999) Hb., 353 pp. Ages 11+ I am a Henty fan having enjoyed a number of his books (I have commented on our experience of reading one previously). However, this one was disappointing on several levels. […]

The Minute Boys of Bunker Hill

The Minute Boys of Bunker Hill, Edward Stratemeyer (1899; Lost Classics Book Company, 1998), pb., 316 pp. Ages 7+ This is the sequel to The Minute Boys of Lexington and Concord following the same characters through the tense days following the battles of Lexington and Concord, trough the Battle of Bunker Hill to the end […]

Drums of War series

Drums of War Series, by Peter Reese Doyle Independence, Vol. 1, pb, 170 pp Bunker Hill, Vol. 2, pb, 171 A Captive in Williamsburg , Vol. 3, pb, (Providence Foundation, 1997, 1998) Ages 6-12+ These three books of historical fiction are set in Williamsburg, VA as the Revolutionary War begins. So, we began reading volume […]

Susan Creek

Susan Creek, by Douglas Wilson (Veritas Press, 2004), pb. 124 pp. ages 8-12 For some reason- completely odd to me- Amazon does not even have a listing for this book. I hope they will remedy this soon, but my link above will lead you to Wilson’s own Canon Press where the book is available. This […]

Colonial Vacation

My family & I left for vacation today so I may not post much the next week or so (though I have a few books waiting to be commented on). In keeping with the books we’ve been reading on the colonial era of American history we are going to visit Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. We […]

M’Kethe Saga Continues in America

Guns of Thunder, Douglas Bond Faith & Freedom Series (P&R Publishing, 2007), pb., 260 pp. Age 10 & up This is the first volume in Bond’s new series which continues to follow the M’Kethe family, who were introduced in the Crown & Covenant Series. The previous series closed with Duncan and Angus leading their family […]

Potomac Captive

Potomac Captive: The Adventures of Henry Fleete, by Jan Fleet Umhau (Dietz Press, 1998), pb., 160 pp. This book tells the story of the historical character Henry Fleete in early 17th century Virginia. Mrs. Umhau, a direct descendant of Fleete, has taken what historical facts are known and from them woven a believable account of […]

Blackthorn Winter

Blackthorn Winter, Douglas Wilson (Veritas Press, 2003), pb., 141 pp. Older children, 12+ I was quite interested to see what Wilson would do in his children’s books. This is his first children’s novel. The story line is great, compelling plot, good adventure, nice twists and turns. The overall story line reminded me a lot of […]