Potomac Captive

Potomac Captive: The Adventures of Henry Fleete, by Jan Fleet Umhau
(Dietz Press, 1998), pb., 160 pp.

This book tells the story of the historical character Henry Fleete in early 17th century Virginia. Mrs. Umhau, a direct descendant of Fleete, has taken what historical facts are known and from them woven a believable account of his life.

Fleete by accident ends up on a ship headed to Virginia from England as a teenager, begins getting established, is taken captive by Indians, narrowly escapes death, eventually becomes accepted in the Indian community, and returns to colonial life as a leading trader in the area respected by Indians and Europeans alike. The story was adventurous which kept my boys interested. It was not a great book like others we have read, but it was a fun read and a good introduction to life in 17th century Virginia.

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