Bible Material for Children

My notes from the breakout session by this title are now available here. This is actually my “notes” edition, with a bit more information (some probably only clear to me!) than the actual handout from the session. The bulk of the document is a list of good books, some with description. Each book listed has been discussed somewhere on this blog as well. The document also contains some passages which speak to the importance of teaching the Scriptures to our children.


  1. Thanks ‘Never Alone.’
    Your story is encouraging because that is exactly what I hope will happen for many as they read to their children.

  2. I am so enjoying your blogs. (Thanks for your response I received, too.) I want to share that when I was a new Christian I was reading one called “The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes” to my daughter who was two; it has a simple description of the story and a couple of questions…and I learned along with her, looked things up in my own Bible because they were so incredible. The pictures were gorgeous (if unrealistically so) in that edition but they have revised it to simpler cartoons. I love your helps, and reviews of books; recommended “The Children’s Hour” on my homeschooling blog. Thanks!

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