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Resources for Luther Sites in Germany

Those with whom I am connected on Facebook saw my photos and updates from my recent Luther and Bach Germany tour with the Union University Singers. It was great to visit these key places about which I have read and thought so much. I was surprised that so many places were not yet completely ready […]

“Father, why did so many good men die?”

I have previously commented on my family’s deep appreciation of Douglas Bond’s historical novel, Duncan’s War. Just recently I have had the privilege of rereading the book, this time with my two younger children. I reaffirm all the positive things I said about the book last time. This time it was fun and very encouraging […]

Bond-voyage! A Hymns Tour of England & Wales

You may have noticed the ad recently inserted on the right hand side of this blog. It is for the tour led by my friend Douglas Bond covering great hymn writers in England & Wales. I can’t think of a better person to lead such a tour! My family has loved his Mr. Pipes books […]

Guns of the Lion

Guns of the Lion, Douglas Bond Faith & Freedom Trilogy (P&R, 2008), pb., 260 pp. Ages 6+ Readers of this blog will know that the Van Nestes are big fans of Doug Bond. When he visited last month than and began reading to us this latest book on the M’Kethe family, it was a treat. […]

Doug Bond on the Psalms

Regular readers of this site will know that Douglas Bond is one of my family’s favorite authors. We were blessed with the opportunity of having Doug in our house for a few days last week. Doug was here to speak in chapel as part of Union’s Psalms Project. You can read some about his address […]

New Bond Book on Calvin

Over at my pastoral ministry blog I have commented on a forthcoming historical novel on the life of John Calvin. I commented on it there because this book is intended for adults, but I mention it here since readers will know how much my family has enjoyed Bond’s books. You can see my comments on […]

The Accidental Voyage

The Accidental Voyage: Discovering Hymns of the Early Centuries Douglas Bond (P&R Publishing, 2005), pb., 257 pp. Ages 8+ This is the fourth book in the Mr. Pipes series, and I have previously commented on our great enjoyment of the previous volumes. As suggested by the title, this book focuses on hymns form the early […]

Douglas Bond Books on Sale

If you have read much on this blog, you will know that we are big fans of Douglas Bond. So, I wanted to pass on the news that there is a Christmas sale going on for his books. These would make great Christmas gifts. By following the label at the bottom of this post you […]

Mr. Pipes Comes to America

Mr. Pipes Comes to America, Douglas Bond (Christian Liberty Press, 2001), pb., 194 pp. Ages 6 and up My boys were delighted when I told them we were reading another Mr. Pipes book. I have commented on the previous two here and here. In this one Mr. Pipes comes to visit Drew & Annie in […]

M’Kethe Saga Continues in America

Guns of Thunder, Douglas Bond Faith & Freedom Series (P&R Publishing, 2007), pb., 260 pp. Age 10 & up This is the first volume in Bond’s new series which continues to follow the M’Kethe family, who were introduced in the Crown & Covenant Series. The previous series closed with Duncan and Angus leading their family […]