Doug Bond on the Psalms

Regular readers of this site will know that Douglas Bond is one of my family’s favorite authors. We were blessed with the opportunity of having Doug in our house for a few days last week. Doug was here to speak in chapel as part of Union’s Psalms Project. You can read some about his address and get a link to the audio at my other blog.

One of my boys commented, “Daddy, all of Mr. Bond’s books have to do with the Psalms.” He is right! In the Crown & Covenant series as well as the Faith and Freedom series the main characters sing the Psalms and demonstrate that their speech and lifestyles are molded by the Psalms. The Mr. Pipes series is devoted to introducing readers to the singing of the Psalms and hymnody shaped by the Psalms.

I commend to you these books, Bond’s address, and the Psalms!

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