Resources for Luther Sites in Germany

Those with whom I am connected on Facebook saw my photos and updates from my recent Luther and Bach Germany tour with the Union University Singers. It was great to visit these key places about which I have read and thought so much. I was surprised that so many places were not yet completely ready for visitors. With the famed German efficiency I figured everything would have been ready last year. Nonetheless they are in full swing to be ready by this summer.

I hope to post some further reflections, but here I want to acknowledge two main books which served as travel guide sources for me. First and most helpful to me was a children’s book by Douglas Bond- Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation. Bond weaves a compelling story around a visit through Germany as well as Geneva and other Reformation sites. Since the story draws on Bond’s own experience visiting these places, this was very valuable.

Secondly, Martin Luther’s Travel Guide: 500 Years of the 95 Theses: On the Trail of the Reformation in Germany, edited by Cornelia Dömer, was quite helpful. The introduction by respected Lutheran church historian, Robert Kolb, is itself a great resource as he reflects on the value and importance of place. The guide lists key sites in each city with historic information as well as contact information and travel directions.

These are great books on their own and will be helpful if you get to make a visit.

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