“Father, why did so many good men die?”

I have previously commented on my family’s deep appreciation of Douglas Bond’s historical novel, Duncan’s War. Just recently I have had the privilege of rereading the book, this time with my two younger children. I reaffirm all the positive things I said about the book last time. This time it was fun and very encouraging for my younger ones to recognize many of the Psalms sung in the book as we now sing the very same arrangements.

In my previous review I said this story provides a compelling portrait of a father leading his family and in particular discipling his son. I have pasted in below a portion of two pages with the dialogue between father and son, after they and their persecuted neighbors have failed in their attempt to obtain justice and many good men had been executed. This is an example of the profound and pastoral theology contained in this exciting story.

This is such a great book for parents and children alike. Give it a try.

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