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“Father, why did so many good men die?”

I have previously commented on my family’s deep appreciation of Douglas Bond’s historical novel, Duncan’s War. Just recently I have had the privilege of rereading the book, this time with my two younger children. I reaffirm all the positive things I said about the book last time. This time it was fun and very encouraging […]

Another Children’s Book on the Covenanters

[posted at my children’s book site last week] While we are travelling in Scotland I began reading to my older boys a book I picked up here- I Rode with the Covenanters, by Kathleen Fidler. We have read several books about the Covenanters along the way (not least Douglas Bond’s wonderful Crown & Covenant trilogy), […]

Douglas Bond Continues the M’Kethe Story!

Quite a stir was caused at breakfast this morning when I told my boys of an email I had just received from Justin Taylor alerting me that Douglas Bond has written a new book about the M’Kethe family! The M’Kethe’s, whom we followed through the Crown & Covenant Series, have become almost dear friends to […]

King’s Arrow & Rebel’s Keep

King’s Arrowand Rebel’s Keep, Douglas Bond Vol. 2 & 3 in the Crown and Covenant Series (P&R, 2003/2004), pb., 215 pp./ 275pp. I have been meaning to write separate reviews of these books but time is passing so I decided to address them together. We completed vol 3 just before Christmas, and I must say […]

Duncan’s War, A Story of the Covenanters

Duncan’s War, Douglas Bond Volume 1 in the Crown & Covenant Series (P&R, 2002) This is one of the best books we have ever read. That is saying a lot, but it is true. It is similar in strengths to the “Martin and Boudewyn books” (as we call them), but surpasses them. It has adventure, […]