Douglas Bond Continues the M’Kethe Story!

Quite a stir was caused at breakfast this morning when I told my boys of an email I had just received from Justin Taylor alerting me that Douglas Bond has written a new book about the M’Kethe family! The M’Kethe’s, whom we followed through the Crown & Covenant Series, have become almost dear friends to us! So we were delighted to hear that we would be able to read more of them. Bond’s new book, Guns of Thunder, is the first volume of his Faith & Freedom trilogy and picks up with Malcolm as a grandfather in pre-Revolutionary War America. Guns of Thunder was scheduled for release this month, but had some art related delays and is now expected for February. Since we are now moving into the 1700’s in history, we are looking forward to getting this book and reading it soon! You can pre-order the book at Amazon. You can see more about forthcoming books by Bond at his site.

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