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Charles Dickens’ The Chimes & Comforting Those Who Mourn

Dickens is good to read for reminders of what all you have to be grateful for and for reminers of the plight of the working poor. The Chimes is not as good as A Christmas Carol, but has some similar themes and ideas (man shown his future, warned by ghosts). One of the more striking […]

Christ Victorious

I came back across this poem from Elizabeth Prentiss today. Mrs. Prentiss suffered much and deals with this topic well in her poems. I like the honest assessment of grief and the move to triumph through the gospel. Christ Victorious Oh, days of sickness, grief and pain, What bring ye in your mournful train? Gray […]

The Virtue of Grieving in The Last Battle

In the church we often are unsure of how to handle grief. To grieve- whether the death of a loved one or the loss of a job or dream- is sometimes thought to demonstrate a lack of faith or an unwillingness to submit to God’s ways. If God is good and He has allowed this, […]