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Happy Reformation Day 2016!

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching on Romans 3 for Reformation Sunday at First Baptist Church, Jackson, TN. I tried to make clear the problem of humanity before a holy God and the only hope we have in the atoning work of Jesus. This clip from a TV show powerfully illustrates our need for […]

Luther’s Hymn, “In Devil’s Dungeon Chained I Lay”

In his classic biography of Martin Luther, Here I Stand, Roland Bainton records Luther’s hymn, “In Devil’s Dungeon Chained I Lay.” What a beautiful, poetic proclamation of the gospel! How I need to be reminded that God “turned to me his father heart” and then to hear the Lord Jesus say, “Hold thou to me, […]

Othello, Jesus and the Gospel

I just finished reading Shakespeare’s Othello with my sons for school and was once again reminded why Shakespeare is regarded as a genius. He not only had a way with words but he deeply understood the human condition. Othello is a moving portrayal of the terrible power of slander, suspicion and jealousy. It was painful […]

“O Ye Sons of Men Be Wise”

My poem of the week last week was this great gospel declaration by Joseph Hart: “O Ye Sons of Men Be Wise” O ye sons of men be wise, trust no longer dreams and lies, Out of Christ, almighty pow’r can do nothing but devour. God you say is good. ‘Tis true. But he’s pure […]

God the Evangelist

“let us mark first of all when the Gospel is preached to us that it is just as if God reached out his hand (as he says by the prophet Isaiah, Isa. 65:2) and said to us, “Come to me.”  It is a matter which ought to touch us to the quick, when we see that […]

The Looking Glass of The Gospel

“His blessings whereunto we are called are incomprehensible to our natural senses, nevertheless God by the looking glass of his Gospel causes us to behold that which cannot be seen by reason nor by man’s understanding” – Calvin, sermon in 1 Timothy 6:15-16

The Gospel is for All Christians

While at Southern Seminary about a week ago I had the opportunity to meet Mitch Chase and to see his new book, The Gospel Is For Christians.  So far I have only been able to peruse the book, but I like what I see. The thesis is dead on and has been a key concern […]

Gimmick or Gospel

Al Mohler and Timmy Brister have already pointed out this interview. In case you have not seen it, it is worthwhile to do so for the sobering effect of realizing what too many are saying. What is the power of God unto salvation? God’s gospel or our gimmicks? The closest thing I find in the […]

Isaac Watts’ Pastoral Poetry

I have been reading recently on Isaac Watts who has blessed the church so richly with his hymns.  Below is a good, though lesser known, example of Watts poetry (originally published in Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707-1709).  Many of Watt’s hymns were composed to accompany his sermons and you can see him as a pastor […]

Howard Marshall on Evangelical Certainty

“…where criticism takes place on the basis of anti-supernaturalist presuppositions and the teaching of scripture is assessed in terms of what modern, unbelieving western man is prepared to accept, again the evangelical will have no truck with it.  The kind of ecumenism which tries to assure us that really we all believe the same things […]