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Books for Boys

[from The Children’s Hour] A colleague recently asked me for some recommendations for books for boys, so I thought I’d post my list and reflections here. Many more no doubt could or should be listed, but below are some books my boys and I have enjoyed. I compiled the list by giving a quick look […]

Mountain Born

Mountain Born, Elizabeth Yates (Troll Books, 1943), pb., 118 pp. Ages 5+ This book won a Newbery Honor Award in 1944, and it is well deserving of such an honor. I had known nothing about the book, but was looking for a brief simple read for us and found it on our shelves. It is […]

The Dangerous Book for Boys

The Dangerous Book for Boys, Hal Iggulden (Harper Collins, 2007), hb, 270 pp. A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine, Joey Jenkins, sent me the Amazon link for this book suggesting it sounded like something my boys and I would enjoy. I was really intrigued- and the video at Amazon is fun. […]