Beautiful Feet Books Catalog

We have recently come across another helpful catalog for children’s literature. The folks at Beautiful Feet Books, like a number of others, both publish books of their own and offer books sold by others. We appreciate having several catalogs like this because it gives us access to books discovered by various people rather than leaving us simply with what one group has found or liked.

The Beautiful Feet Catalog is put together as a resource for teaching children history through literature, which is exactly what we are trying to do. It is a good approach whether you homeschool or send your children to school. The little essay on this topic in the catalog is well worth a read. They make the point that literature was the typical way of learning history for years until someone got the bright idea of writing books stripped of story and containing merely the facts- enter the standard textbook and the association of boredom with history! My boys will currently say that history is one of their favorite things because they love stories, and truly history is simply the story of humanity through various eras and situations. Now, I intentionally started them years ago with stories of battles and adventures because I knew that would be more appealing, but there is nothing wrong with meeting them where they are!

Anyway, this can be a helpful resource. They list age appropriate books by historical era which is very useful. I obtained a copy of the catalog for free by requesting it from their website,

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