Jonathan Park and the Secret of the Hidden Cave

Jonathan Park and the Secret of the Hidden Cave, Sandy & Pat Roy
(Master Books, 1999), pb., 110 pp.

This is a fun little story which is intended to teach some points about creationism and the biblical flood. It is not great writing. The plot is obvious and the stereotypes in the characters are so clear that even my boys were amazed. At times even the most obvious things seem to escape notice by the characters. I also found myself editing the children’s responses to their parents, wishing for more respect to be shown

Still, it was a fun read with adventure and a good tie-in with our current discussion of fossils in school. Also points were made about the value of friendship and God’s providential care. It read like a series from Adventures in Odyssey (in fact the villain seemed almost intentionally modeled after Dr. Blaggard).

.A series of radio dramas have been created as sequels to this book, but we have not heard any of them yet.

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