Twila Paris, “Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies & Peaceful Worship”

My wife and I are long time Twila Paris fans so it is no surprise that we liked this CD as well. We like having peaceful music to play as we put little ones (bed baby stage) to bed. This is a really nice one. Twila Paris writes in the album cover:

“This is a lullaby album, but my goal is not just to help children go to sleep.
Hopefully the music will do that and will simply minister peace during quieter
waking moments of the day. However, as I wrote these lyrics, I felt that my
ultimate purpose was to gently instill foundational truths in young vulnerable

I think she succeeds well in writing lyrics for such a goal. These are good songs of faith. Her song, “More Than I Can Say,” is moving to me because after she makes the point that God placed you in a family to learn of his love she goes on to other verses for children who have no family or are lacking a parent. She points to how God has promised to fill up what is lacking.

Her song, “Your Whole Life Long,” puts in words some of what I pray for my children.
“I pray…
That He will always comfort you
And make you brave and strong
I pray that you will follow him
Your whole life long
I pray that you will grow up
To be good and wise and true
I pray that you will please the Lord
In everything you do”

This is a wonderful CD.

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