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Miller Challenges “Bigger is Better” Mentality

Here are some more quotes from Calvin Miller’s O Shepherd Where Art Thou, this time related to the question of church growth. Of course we want to see more people saved, but Miller rightly criticizes the idea that amassing more and more believers in one place is the goal. Wit and wisdom are a good […]

Calvin Miller on Pastoral Care

Here’s a great quote from Miller’s O Shepherd Where Art Thou, which I have commended previously: …the church that only gets big but will not care for the sick and the broken, is no church of Christ…. No legitimate pastor can delegate this concern. He may delegate the care of a specific person in need, […]

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?, Calvin Miller Broadman & Holman, 2006 I am writing a review of this book for the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology so in fairness, I cannot write a full review here. Let me just say that this is a very valuable book on pastoral ministry, a tract for our time. […]