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History of Redemption in Romans

Kenneth Berding’s new book, Workbook in Romans: Arranged According to the History of Redemption, has just been released. It is the inaugural volume in a new series, Workbooks in the History of Redemption, and is published by Weaver Book Company I had the privilege of seeing the book before publication and wrote the following commendation […]

C. H. Dodd on Paul’s Poor Writing & Defective Imagination

The Apostle Peter tells us that in Paul’s letters “there are some things … that are hard to understand” (2 Peter 3:16). We are not surprised then to find passages which require work to understand. In these cases it becomes particularly clear whether one approaches the Scripture expecting it to conform to one’s own understanding […]

Romans 3, Student Responses

One of the joys of my job is just walking through the Bible with students in OT and NT Survey. Students often realize they don’t know as much Bible as they thought. And we get to encounter the gospel again and again in its fullness, power and beauty. Here are some student responses to studying […]

Romans Study

This evening I begin a weekend study of Romans at Poplar Heights Baptist Church here in Jackson. We will meet three hours tonight (6pm-9pm), three hours Saturday morning (9am-noon) and then I will preach from Romans in the morning and evening services Sunday. I previously posted some thoughts on the historical impact of Romans. In […]

Romans, January Bible study

My brief article on studying Romans which I previously mentioned was published in this week’s edition of the TN Baptist state paper.

Studying Romans

Each year in the SBC a certain book of the Bible is chosen to be the focus of the “January Bible Study.” Churches are not required to do this, but it does provide a good way to encourage careful study of various books. This year the study focuses on Romans, and this Saturday I will […]