History of Redemption in Romans

workbook on romansKenneth Berding’s new book, Workbook in Romans: Arranged According to the History of Redemption, has just been released. It is the inaugural volume in a new series, Workbooks in the History of Redemption, and is published by Weaver Book Company

I had the privilege of seeing the book before publication and wrote the following commendation for it:

“This is a very fine Bible study resource as it helps readers grasp the details of the biblical text and how those details tie into the overall storyline of the Scriptures. A significant problem in the church is that people have diverse pieces of biblical information but are not able to see how all these pieces fit together. Berding’s workbook is a wonderful way to solve this problem. It will help open the fullness of the biblical message to readers in a fresh way. I heartily commend it.”

The book is spiral bound and arranged in workbook format to guide someone through a study of the letter. If you are looking for a way to study Romans while catching the big picture of the story of Redemption this is a great way to do it.



  1. Certainly, Jim! Thanks for your fine work. I’m excited to see what will be coming from Weaver Books in the future

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