Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

Iron Scouts Of The Confederacy, by Lee McGiffin
(Christian Liberty Press, 1993), pb., 157 pp.
Ages 6+

This was a fun book which also introduces the reader to some key leaders in the Confederate cavalry who are often overlooked today. According to the foreword, this book “chronicles the true adventures of two teenage brothers who grew up during the War Between the States as orphans and soldiers.” The fact that the main characters are boys themselves always adds to the interest level of my boys. Then, the fact that these are true stories adds even more to the interest.

The main characters, Gant and Ben Fane, boys aged 14 & 16, have been left orphans due to the war and are left in charge of the family farm. Eventually they end up involved in the war travelling from their home in Alabama to Virginia to serve under General Wade Hampton. Along the way they meet and serve under John Mosby as well. Hampton and Mosby were key figures both during and after the war though they are often forgotten today. I appreciated the opportunity to introduce them to my boys in this way. The story follows the adventures, sufferings and lessons Gant and Ben encounter through the war. Nobility, courage, character, perseverance, and loyalty are encouraged in the book.

We had a great time reading this book and commend it to you.

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