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Archive of posts tagged Minor prophets

Currid on Habakkuk

John D.  Currid, in his recent commentary, The Expectant Prophet: Habakkuk Simply Explained, sets the stage of this minor prophet with these words: “At the very heart and core of the Scriptures is the doctrine of the sovereignty of God.  What this means is that God is the Creator of the universe, Lord and Master […]

Duguid on Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

Duguid’s recent commentary on these three oft neglected prophets is a great resource for preaching and teaching particularly due to his “Application” sections where he demonstrates how to properly apply these books in a New Covenant setting.  The whole task of applying Old Testament books to our New Covenant setting is so often misunderstood and […]

Minor Prophets Study

This summer in adult Sunday School at our church we surveyed the Minor Prophets taking up one book each week. Several different people shared in the teaching. I found these to be very profitable (no pun intended this time!) and I have heard from many others who did as well. Due to the labors of […]