Currid on Habakkuk

John D.  Currid, in his recent commentary, The Expectant Prophet: Habakkuk Simply Explained, sets the stage of this minor prophet with these words:

“At the very heart and core of the Scriptures is the doctrine of the sovereignty of God.  What this means is that God is the Creator of the universe, Lord and Master of heaven above and the earth beneath, and his will is the cause of all things.  He is simply sitting on the throne of the universe.  He maintains creation, directs it and works all things according to his own will and purpose.  Everything that happens in heaven or on earth occurs because of God’s decree, will and purpose.  This is the Bible’s teaching, and we reject it at great peril.  The centrality of the doctrine of the sovereignty of God is much needed in the church today.  The zeitgeist of the day is man’s self-centeredness – that is, that the entire world revolves around humanity.  The self-absorbed ‘me-ism’ of the day in the West is almost overwhelming.  We need a radical change in thinking that acknowledges that God is the centre of reality, and not we ourselves.  It should be theism over ‘me-ism’.” (9)

This is a good commentary!

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