Last year one of the things I requested and received for Christmas was a couple of volumes of Journibles, from Reformation Heritage Books. I have loved them!

It is a pretty simple concept (see the series website).  They essentially journals- like ones you might purchase from any bookstore- devoted to certain books or collection of books of the Bible.  They are designed for you to write out the Scriptures yourself, and there is space for taking notes or making observations.  In the journal the right hand page has space for a certain number of verses to be written.  Verse numbers are listed along the margin as in the layout of KJV bibles.  The left hand page is lined for note taking.  Some prompting questions are given but they are printed lightly so they can be written over and ignored if you prefer.  I really appreciate the light printing because I have other things to write and I have not found these questions to get in my way.

I have really enjoyed the discipline of writing out the Scripture.  It has often been helpful to focus my mind in the mornings.  I also appreciate having the space to record thoughts or not to do so.  The space given for each verse is sometimes odd (too little, too much) but overall it has worked very well.  Also, at $10 per volume they are reasonably priced for nice bound volume.

I like the idea of one day having these journals with a copy of the Scriptures and some of my thoughts and prayers to hand down to my children.

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