Scottish Highland Adventures

Scottish Highland Adventures, by Catherine Mackenzie
(Christian Focus, 2007), pb., 91 pp.
Ages 6+

This book is part of a series of children’s books about adventures in various areas. We were interested in this one because of our years of living in Scotland. Each chapter deals with a specific area or characteristic of Scotland and then uses some aspect to connect to biblical truths. The biblical truths were well handled and provides good intro to discussion of these truths. However, the discussion of Scotland itself was a bit dull. My boys said the word adventures in the title was a bit misleading. It is not a very adventurous book.

If you are considering a trip to Scotland this could be a nice book to read with your kids to get a very basic feel of the area and address biblical truths. I don’t think it is one that will readily and quickly connect with young boys though.

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