Rutherford to a Pastor Under Trial

I really enjoy reading Samuel Rutherford’s letters. For several years now I have been slowly working my way through my 1891 copy, reading one letter most mornings. Many of the letters are great encouragement to pastors enduring difficult times. One I read in the last week is a prime example. Rutherford is writing David Dickson another leading pastor whose commentary on the Psalms is still available. Rutherford’s comments of trust in the final judgment and vindication by Christ are particularly helpful.

CCLX To Mr. David Dickson.


I bless the Lord, who hath so wonderfully stopped the on-going of that lawless process against you. The Lord reigneth, and has a saving eye upon you and your ministry; and, therefore, fear not what men can do. I bless the Lord, that the Irish ministers find employment, and the professors comfort of their ministry. Believe me, I durst not, as I am now disposed, hold an honest brother out of the pulpit. I trust that the Lord will guard you, and hide you in the shadow of his hand. I am not pleased with any that are against you in that.

I would [wish], I could make acquaintance with Christ’s cross, for I find comforts lie to, and follow upon, the cross. I suffer in my name, by them; but I take it as a part of the crucifying of the old man. Let them cut the throat of my credit, and do as they like best with it. When the wind of their calumnies hath blown away my good name from me, in the way to heaven, I know that Christ will take my name out of the mire, and wash it, and restore it to me again. I would have a mind, if the Lord would be pleased to give me it, to be a fool for Christ’s sake.  …

 Grace be with you.

Yours, in his sweet Lord Jesus, 

S. R. 

ABERDEEN, Sept. 11, 1637. 

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