John’s Letters as Highest-Proof Grain Alcohol

“Finally, if 1-3 John leave the disciple who studies them with any single lasting impression, it is the grandeur and centrality of God.  Part of this is the sheer volume of references to him.  There is hardly a verse or even clause anywhere that does not name a person of the Godhead (Trinity), a divine attribute, or a divine work (like a command that has come from God).  These letters are not simply theological, as one might say ale is alcoholic; they are rather theology distillate, analogous to highest-proof grain alcohol that is highly flammable and intoxicating in even small amounts. God- mainly Father and Son, but occasionally Holy Spirit- suffuses every situation John envisions, each piece of counsel he issues, every sentiment he conveys, each affirmation he sets forth. No OT psalmist is any more God saturated in awareness than the writer of these letters” (Robert Yarbrough, 1-3 John, 27-28).

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