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Archive of posts tagged World War 2

The Spy Who Came in From the Sea

The Spy Who Came in From the Sea, by Peggy Nolan (Pineapple Press, 1999), pb., 129 pp. Ages 8+ This book was a disappointment.It is based on a great idea but fails to deliver in several ways. First, the idea and setting of the book is great. I did not previously know that during World […]

It Began with a Parachute

It Began With a Parachute, by William R. Rang (Inheritance Publications, 2000), pb., 93 pp. Ages 6+ This story takes place in occupied Holland during World War II. Twelve year old Bert takes it upon himself to help an Allied airman who is shot down near his town and in the process discovers that his […]

The Lonely Sentinel

The Lonely Sentinel, by Piet Prins The Shadow Series, volume 1 (Inheritance Publications, 2006), pb., 140 pp. Ages 6+ Since we had previously enjoyed the Struggle for Freedom series by Prins, I eagerly anticipated this book as well. This book is set in the Netherlands during World War II following the efforts of the Dutch […]