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It Began with a Parachute

It Began With a Parachute, by William R. Rang
(Inheritance Publications, 2000), pb., 93 pp.
Ages 6+

This story takes place in occupied Holland during World War II. Twelve year old Bert takes it upon himself to help an Allied airman who is shot down near his town and in the process discovers that his parents are deeply involved in the Dutch resistance. This is a well told story of courage, suffering, perseverance, hope and faith.

While this book is not as nuanced or rich as one of Douglas Bond’s it has many of the basic staple characteristics, including a strong father who leads his family through difficult times showing how to stand for and risk oneself for what is right. The interaction of the main family, their connection to other involved families and the contrast with the traitors provides good pictures as you read to your children. Also, the faith of the main characters is no mere side issue but an essential element of life.

This book also provides a compelling picture of what it was like to live under Nazi occupation, with the intimidation, the shortages and the yearning for deliverance. It also shows how people had to make difficult choices between capitulating, doing nothing or taking the enormous risk of opposing the evil around them.

We all enjoyed this book and commend it to you.

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