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Theras and His Town

Theras and His Town, Caroline Dale Snedeker (1924; reprint, American Home-School Publishing, 2002), pb. 237 pp. We read this book last school year as we studied Greece and Rome. The idea of the book is to tell a story which provides a contrast between life in Athens and life in Sparta. The story works well […]

Veritas Catalogue, Another Resource for book ideas

One of our most useful resources for recommending good books is actually the free catalogue available from Veritas Press. Veritas lists books recommended for use in classical education. We find it useful in our work of classical home education, but I have often recommended as a good resource for parents in various settings. Many of […]

Long term ministry

One idea that needs to be reclaimed in pastoral ministry is the benefit of being rooted in one location for a long time. As we resist the ideas of “climbing the ladder” and embrace truly biblical values for pastoral ministry, surely this becomes a goal for us- to continue with a specific people shepherding them […]

Pivotal Posts

In order to provide a an easier way to get oriented to this site, my friend Brian Denker has added a category on the right hand side of the page entitled “Pivotal Posts.” At the moment the one item listed there is an article I wrote previously explaining briefly some of my basic thoughts on […]

Most of All, Jesus Loves You

Most of All, Jesus Loves You, Noel Piper Illustrated by Debby Anderson (Crossway Books, 2004), hb., 24pp. This little book is written as a parent speaking directly to his/her child. It lists various people who love the child ending with “Most of all, Jesus loves you.” That is the extent of the text. I, honestly, […]

Chalmers plea for passionate ministry

As we head into the weekend, here is a quote from Thomas Chalmers from my own “Defining Quotes” file. This statement comes from Dr. Chalmers’ sermon on the day of the funeral of Princess Charlotte of Wales: “Is there no room for men of zeal and of strength, who might go forth among these wanderers, […]

The Boy’s Guide to the Historical Adventures of G. A. Henty

The Boy’s Guide to the Historical Adventures of G. A. Henty By William Porter (Vision Forum, 2000), pb., 122 pp. Since I just commented on one of Mr. Henty’s famous novels I thought it might be useful to mention this volume. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is entitled, “Why Boys […]

The Importance of Church Membership

Let me follow up the last quote from Ryken’s The Communion of Saints with another. In this section the author is arguing for the importance of belonging to a specific local church. This is a point often missed by people today. This quote does not say everything on the issue, but it does speak to […]

The Necessity of the Church

As a part of a Wednesday night class at my church, I am reading The Communion of Saints: Living in Fellowship with the People of God, ed. Philip Ryken. The book has some really good points. One can be seen in the quote below which states well that the church is not simply a “good […]