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The Magna Charta, James Daugherty

The Magna Charta, James Daugherty (1956; 1984, Beautiful Feet Books), pb. 181 pp. This is another book we bought because we found it in the Veritas Press Catalogue. The backcover blurb notes that the author is a Newberry Award winner. However, this was not a compelling book. The book starts like a textbook relating data […]

Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle

Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle (originally published 1891) I have looked forward for some time to reading this book to my boys because I have heard high praise from various quarters. However, this was disappointing. The book starts slowly, and it took some perseverance to go on. Eventually though the book did pick up, […]

“We Are Ambassadors for Christ”. John Newton

While up with the baby late at night, I have found I can read a little poetry. Reading in Worthy is the Lamb: Puritan Poetry in Honor of the SaviorI came across some more really good poems. I have previously posted Prayer for Ministers’ by John Newton. Here is another great one from Newton directed […]

The Lost Baron

The Lost Baron, Allen French (1940; Bethlehem Books 2001), 297 pp, pb Wow! Another homerun from Allen French! After Rolf and the Viking Bow, The Red Keep and now the Lost Baron, French has become one of our favorite authors. French really knew how to tell a story. We tend to blow through these books […]