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When the Morning Came

When the Morning Came, by Piet Prins Struggle For Freedom Series 1 (Neerlandia, Canada: Inheritance Publications, 1989), pb. 158 pp. Trans from original Dutch I was greatly and pleasantly surprised by this book. The combination of our previous experience with translations from Dutch, little experience with this publisher and being a bit behind schedule, I […]


On the first day of our vacation I finished reading Perelandra, the second book in C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy. Since I commented on the first book (Out of the Silent Planet), I thought I’d comment briefly on this one as well. I thought Perelandra was a significantly different type of story from Out of […]

Hating Sin

This past Sunday my fellow pastor, Lee Tankersley, preached on Psalm 78 emphasizing the terribleness of sin and then the greatness of God’s mercy. As the Psalm seeks to remind us of just how bad sin is, I was reminded of an exhortation I wrote several years ago for myself on this topic. It has […]