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Archive of entries posted on September 2006

Jehovah, Shepherd of My Soul

Randall Bush, my creative colleague who’s field is philosphy but is also a gifted musician and poet, has set out to compose a hymn dedicated to each of the faculty members of the School of Christian Studies here. This week he passed on this one for me. Taking the oversight theme, he begins with the […]

A Prayer for Youth, by John Newton

A Prayer for Youth John Newton Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth, The gift of saving grace; And let the seed of sacred truth Fall in a fruitful place. Grace is a plant, where’er it grows, Of pure and heavenly root; But fairest in the youngest shows, And yields the sweetest fruit. Ye careless ones, […]

Pastoral Plagiarism Revisited

Those who have been reading this blog for sometime may remember the interchange that took place here last March on Pastoral Plagiarism (post 1, post 2, post 3). These posts brought a bit of traffic and some strong debate. An edited version of the original post has this week been published in the “Baptist and […]


I’ve obviously been out of blogging for a while. Some have heard what has happened and have inquired, so I thought I’d give a brief update. Last Thursday afternoon my oldest son, Nathan, was struck by a truck. It was a hectic time getting information, getting to the ER, him being sent by helicopter to […]

The King’s Book, a Story of the KJV

The King’s Book, by Louise Vernon (Herald Press, 1980), pb, 128 pp. This is another of Mrs. Vernon’s historical novels (you can see reviews of other of her novels here- Tyndale, Luther, Erasmus, Gutenberg, Wycliffe, ). This book focuses on the translation of the King James Version in 1611. As usual in Vernon novels, the […]

Great Conference this Weekend

I just received word from James Grant, pastor of FBC Rossville, TN, that their Fall Bible Conference which begins this Friday (Sept 8) will feature Dr. Dan Block speaking on the theme “The Gospel According to Moses: Recovering the Message of Deuteronomy.” You can view the conference brochure here. The conference will run from 7pm-9pm […]