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Andrew Blackwood on Singing the Psalms

One of the voices from the past which I have come to appreciate is Andrew Blackwood (1882-1966), pastor and professor for many years at Princeton. He wrote much on pastoral ministry which remains quite helpful today. Because he wrote in a different day some of his points are dated, but also he often exposes blind […]

The Psalms as Christian Worship, by Waltke & Houston

My copy of this book, The Psalms as Christian Worship: A Historical Commentary by Brucke Watlke and James Houston, just came today, and already I am hooked. This is a significant book in so many ways.  In general Waltke provides exegesis of key psalms and Houston provides a history of reception and interpretation. Together they […]

Chrysostom, Benefit of Psalm Singing

“Nothing, in fact, nothing so uplifts the soul, gives it wings, liberates it from the earth, looses the shackles of the body, promotes its values and its scorn for everything in this world as harmonious music and a divine song rhythmically composed.” “From profane songs, you see, harm and damage and many dire consequences would […]

Why a festival honoring the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible?

On September 15-17 the R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies at Union University will host the festival, “KJV400: Legacy & Impact.” Some today may wonder why celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James version. This festival is not a call for everyone to use only the KJV or an exercise in mere dusty […]