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“Preacher, Don’t Be Lazy”- Martin Luther

As a lead up to Reformation Day, here is a quote from Martin Luther on the need for hard work in the preaching. I have taken the quote from John Piper’s ebook, Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor, which is currently available free. Some pastors and preachers are lazy and no good. They […]

Reformation Day 2011

“Come, let us sing a Psalm, and drive away the devil.” (Luther) I have been duly urged on for a Reformation Day post for this year, so let me get this in before the day concludes! My family does make a big deal each year about Reformation Day, and I always take time at the […]

Another Children’s Book Giveaway

At my blog on children’s literature I am giving away a copy of Thea Van Halsema’s This Was John Calvin. You can read my positive review and see how to sign up for the giveaway here. This book would be a great resource for Reformation Day which is coming up soon.

Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day! I hope you make much of this day and the truths it commemorates with you family and church this weekend. My family gathered around last night to listen to Max McLean’s wonderful rendition of Luther’s defense at Worms, “Martin Luther’s- Here I Stand” (available for free download through tomorrow!). He includes not […]

Luther and the Reformation

The Van Neste household has been gearing up for Reformation Day this weekend as we celebrate the work of God through Martin Luther and others recovering the gospel of grace. In thinking about this I returned again to a book which is a treasure in my library, What Luther Says: A Practical In-Home Anthology for […]

Reformation Heroes

Reformation Heroes, by Diana Kleyn with Joel Beeke (Reformation Heritage Books, 2007), hb., 240 pp. Ages 6+ I have been meaning to comment on this book for some time. It is an amazing resource- the most thorough book for children on this topic that I know of. It is based on a 19th century book, […]

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed The World, Paul L. Maier Illustrated by Greg Copeland (Concordia, 2004), hb., 32 pp. Ages 4+ I have seen this book and heard good things about it, so this year I decided to buy it for Reformation Day. I am glad I did! This is an excellent brief overview […]

Reformation Roundtable

I was privileged to participate in a roundtable discussion of the 5 sola’s of the Reformation and their contemporary relevance at Union on Monday of this week. The participants and topics were as follows: Kevin Chairot (pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church)- Sola Scriptura Daryl Charles (Union University)- Sola Gratia Brad Green (Union University)- Sola Fide Sean […]

Luther as Father

In the Van Neste household here today is celebrated as Reformation Day and the kids love it. We do well to remember our roots in the Reformation and the blessings in many areas which have come to us as a result of this historic renewal of the church. There are many important things which grew […]

Reformation Day 2008

Happy Reformation Day! Others may engage in Halloween or worry about Election Day, but let the church rejoice in the reminder of the recovery of the Gospel and in the reminder of the value of laboring for the purity of the church! At Union we have had two wonderful chapel messages this week dealing with […]