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Archive of entries posted on February 2006

Spurgeon, “A Heart Prepared to Preach”

I have for some time gained help and encouragement from this quote from Spurgeon. If you read him it is clear that he is not hear in any way demeaning the value of diligent study. What he is doing is warning us not to thinking learning alone is sufficient. It is thus similar to Luther’s […]

I Love My Bible

I Love My Bible!, written and illustrated by Debby Anderson (Crossway, 2005), hardback, 32 pp. This is a new book for us and just this week I read it to my three year old (Benjamin) with my other boys (9, 8 and 6 years old) listening in. Benjamin usually gets to listen in as I […]

“The Faithful Minister”

In a recent blog from Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, interim pastor Aaron Menikoff provided this wonderful quote. This fits well with my previous post, and both of these inform the discussion of video church. The faithful minister is found preaching the gospel from house to house, as well as in a more public […]

Qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1

My pastoral ministry class is discussing the list of qualifications for pastors in these passages. Many important observations can and need to be made from these passages, but we have focused a bit so far on the big picture. Here is a particularly well-put comment from one of the students: “The qualifications of an overseer […]

Within the Palace Gates

Within the Palace Gates, by Anna Siviter This book is a retelling of the story of Nehemiah, and is a good example of historical, biblical fiction. The story is well done with much attention to detail, culture, religion etc. and plenty of action. The story begins with Nehe (Nehemiah) enjoying his position in Persia. The […]

Greek Readings

Regular readers may notice the addition of a new feature in the left column- a daily passage from the Greek New Testament. I found this on some other sites (which ones I now cannot remember) and decided to add it here as an encouragement to pastors to labor in the original languages. If you are […]

The Red Keep

The Red Keep: A Story of Burgundy in 1165, by Allen French (1939; reprint, Bethlehem Books, 1997), 370 pp. My boys (ages 9, 8 and 6) and I came to this book with much anticipation having greatly enjoyed French’s Rolf and the Viking Bow (see previous post; my 3 year old wasn’t much interested!). This […]

Video Church

There is a good bit of talk going on around the blogosphere and elsewhere about the validity (or lack thereof) of video churches- i.e., churches where the preaching comes via satellite or video. The arguments for this can easily be found. I am simply going to register my complete dissatisfaction with the idea. Some of […]

Wisdom from Pascal

Here is a quote from Blaise Pascal which I have on my filing cabinet. I keep it there because I think it captures well the combinations of aspiration and humility. In our work as pastors we must aspire and long for advance in the kingdom, and we must realize that such advancement comes in the […]

Gabriel’s Magic Ornament

Gabriel’s Magic Ornament , by Randall Bush (Pristine Publishers, 2002), 110 pages; $11.95 This magical little book, written by my colleague Dr. Randall Bush, has become a Christmas favorite in my family. Dr. Bush has crafted a tale reminiscent of C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia in which the fantasy land is itself the Christmas […]