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Spurgeon, “A Heart Prepared to Preach”

I have for some time gained help and encouragement from this quote from Spurgeon. If you read him it is clear that he is not hear in any way demeaning the value of diligent study. What he is doing is warning us not to thinking learning alone is sufficient. It is thus similar to Luther’s admonition on the makings of a true theologian.

“A Heart Prepared to Preach”

“When we speak as ministers and not as men, as preachers instead of penitents, we fail; when we lean our head too much upon the commentary and too little upon the Savior’s bossom; when we eat too largely of the tree of knowledge, and too little of the tree of life, we lose the power of our ministry. I am myself a sinner, a sinner washed in blood, and delivered from the wrath to come by the merit of my Lord and Master – all this must be fresh upon our mind. Personal godliness must never grow scantly with us. Our own personal justification in the righteousness of Christ, our personal sanctification by the indwelling of the power of the Holy Spirit, our vital union with Christ, and expectancy of glory in Him, yea, our own advancement in grace, or our own declension; all these we must know and consider.”

–C.H. Spurgeon

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