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Archive of entries posted on December 2009

2009 Bibles and Bible Reference Survey Article

This year’s article surveying new study Bibles and Bible reference works for Preaching Magazine has just gone online.As with previous articles I have focused on study Bibles and commentaries though I also comment on surveys, dictionaries, and some works of biblical theology, biblical languages and church history. By necessity the comments are brief.I hope that […]

Our Favorite Advent Book

It is a little late to be recommending Advent resources, but in case anyone is searching, our favorite resource continues to be Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration. We don’t really use the four main stories by the prominent authors. What we like is simply the daily Scripture readings and the two carols a […]

The Forgiveness of Sins Covers It All

A few days ago I saw this quote on Ray Ortlund’s blog.It has given me so much enjoyment and blessing that I wanted to pass it along. This is classic Luther!   It is the supreme art of the devil that he can make the law out of the gospel. If I can hold on […]

Value of Family

“When the Bible paints the picture of the happiest men on Earth with the most far-reaching impact on history, it does so in the context of family life, meal time, and the blessing of children (Psalm 127, 128). . . . Sometimes the most important thing happening in the world is the couple deciding to […]

Value of the Psalms

Richard Hooker on the Psalms: The choice and flower of all things profitable in other books the Psalms do both more briefly contain, and more movingly also express, by reason of that poetical form wherewith they are written . . . What is there necessary for man to know which the Psalms are not able […]

The Value of the Rural Church

For a few years now I have been wanting to write an essay on the value of rural churches and the need to appreciate them- for pastors to see them as valuable and not simply stepping stones to something really important. So I was delighted to see Tim Keller’s recent post on this very topic […]

Beware Presumption

Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is truly a treasure trove of practical and pastoral wisdom for the Christian life. I am reading it again to my boys, this time in the new edition edited by C. J. Lovik. Tonight we read the following portion which is really a good reminder: “But as for footmen like you and […]

ChristianAudio Download Sale

Christianaudio is having an amazing sale that lasts through December 4. Most of their digital downloads are on sale for $7.49 including works from Charles Dickens, Wendell Berry, Eugene Peterson, John Piper (a number of Piper’s are free), and others. This is a great opportunity to get some good audio books at great prices. I […]