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Archive of entries posted on June 2010

Spurgeon on the Fear of God

The fear of God is the corner stone of all blessedness. Let us cultivate that holy filial fear of Jehovah which is the essence of all true religion; the fear of reverence, of dread to offend, of anxiety to please, and of entire submission and obedience. This fear of the Lord is the fit fountain […]

Melancthon Jacobus on Acts

Today I have been studying a portion of Acts 10 and have been particularly delighted with Melancthon Jacobus’ Notes, Critical and Explanatory, on the Acts of the Apostles reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books.  I have commended this work but could not help doing so again.  Jacobus, a 19th century author, makes theological comments as […]

Whitefield to Those Studying for Ministry

Dear Gentlemen, A dead ministry will always make a dead people. Whereas, if ministers are warmed with the love of God themselves, they cannot but be instruments of diffusing that love among others. This, this is the best preparation for the work whereunto you are to be called. Learning without piety, will only make you […]

Doug Baker, “McDonaldization” and Pastoral Ministry

Doug Baker, editor of The Baptist Messenger, has written a helpful article on how programs have come to dominate church life and ministry titled “Against the McDonaldization of the SBC.” Drawing from Richard Baxter, Doug hits some key points on how program efficiency too easily becomes the goal rather than community and ministry.  Here is […]

Read Broadly

“God did not intend that we study our Bibles in a mental vacuum.  John Nelson Darby and G. Campbell Morgan both decided that for an extended time they would read only the Bible.  They soon discovered that this plan was a mistake.  The danger of reading only the Bible is that we do not then […]

Shaping our Feelings

Today as I ran an errand I caught a portion of a popular old song. It had a drawing power to it, and it brought to mind some things I had been thinking about, pondering the work of Jack Collins (see his masterful notes on the Psalms in the ESV Study Bible). Songs by their […]

Gregory of Nazianzus on Pastoral Ministry

This week Matt Crawford, who is doing doctoral work in patristics, pointed me to Gregory of Nazianzus’ (c. 329-390) second theological oration which he preached after having initially fled from his ordination as bishop.  Reading this oration, its influence on Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care was obvious. The writing is tedious at times and the […]