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Howard Marshall, Preaching the Kingdom

“The message of the kingdom was good news, an announcement of what God is doing rather than of what man is required to do, although the latter is not exclude from the phrase.  To preach the kingdom of God is to announce a divine action.  This is of course thoroughly evangelical, and if we have […]

Prophetic Presence in the Halls of Power

Here is another quote from Conan Doyle’s, The White Company. The English knights and company while staying with some French nobility hear from the French nobleman how low he thinks of the common people under his rule.  Doyle, as a good Englishman contrasts this with the free heartiness of Englishmen, but then moves on to […]

Conan Doyle and Ministry

Here is another good section from Doyle’s The White Company.  In this section a young lady criticizes a young man who grew up in an abbey, calling for monks to do the world good by entering everyday life rather than remaining cloistered away. Doyle was no orthodox believer but this is a good presentation of […]

Too Much Bull on the Fourth of July

The American church’s fascination with gimmicks and shows is well documented as well as deeply distressing.  Too much effort is given to having the biggest/greatest/neatest show and too little is given to actually living out the gospel in healthy relationships where people know one another and hold one another accountable under the word of God. […]

Singing Psalm 46

The Trinity Psalter suggests Psalm 46 be sung to the tune of “America, the Beautiful.”  I have no idea what led the editors to suggest this tune (other than that it fits!), but I find it very fitting.  Our church is planning to sing Psalm 46 to this tune on Sunday (July 4).  On a […]