Worshiping With the Church Fathers


I have appreciated so far looking through Christopher Hall’s book, Worshiping With the Church Fathers. In his introduction he provides a good word about engagement with our Christian heritage.  Having been nurtured in the Jesus movement, Hall mentions how he realized the movement had no ecclesiology (still like much of evangelicalism today).  In that context this quote appears:

“I have learned from the fathers that the church is much broader and deeper than I had ever imagined.  My individualistic, evangelical bent has been tempered by a historical, theological and spiritual lengthening of memory.  My listening skills have been enhanced.  Voices that once seemed strange, foreign and occasionally distorted – sometimes because of the historical, cultural, ecclesial and linguistic distances separating them from me – are now old friends.  This is not to say that I always find myself in agreement with the fathers.  We still have our disagreements, but our quarrels now resemble family squabbles and in-house arguments.” (13)

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