Buoyant Expectation of God

What essential for a pastor?  Much could be said in answer to this question.  Wayne Oates several years ago stated this:

“…the consummate requirement of him [a pastor] is that he depend devotedly upon the Chief Shepherd for his own spiritual sustenance and live in the buoyant expectation of his continual manifestation of himself.  Titus calls this being “holy” and “a lover of goodness.”  These terms of endearment of the life of a pastor lay the emphasis upon his consecration and devotion, without which all other qualifications are in vain and usually are consumed in their own vanity.  Soren Kierkegaard has called this “purity of heart,” by which he means the power “to will one thing, and that is Christ.” (The Christian Pastor, 60)

I would differ with Oates on a variety of other points, but this is well stated.  May we live in the buoyant expectation of God’s continual manifestation of Himself!

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