McConnell on Pastoral Care

I like to post here comments from various eras affirming the importance of shepherding and caring for the flock in day to day life.  So here is a quote from McConnell’s Manual for Baptist Churches (1926):

The pastor should be a student of men and books.  He should know the people intimately and enter into their life purposes and aspirations.  He should study ways to serve them intellectually, socially, materially, and spiritually.  He should take an interest in all that they do, their business success, their entertainment, their general welfare.  Nothing which affects the people should escape his interest and watchful care.  He should comfort the sorrowing, help the poor and needy, seek to assist the unemployed, warn the careless, and help the prosperous in their efforts to be spiritual.  When death enters a home, his should be the most consoling words.  When financial disaster falls on a family, he should show them that life is more than gain, and lead them to appreciate what they have left, show that it is worth more than money. (87)

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