Keep Your Greek

Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People, Constantine Campbell
(Zondervan, 2010) pb., 90 pp

This little book is the best thing I know of for encouragement and advice for how to maintain and increase your ability to read and use Greek.  I almost can’t say too much good about this book- and it would make a great gift!

One of the real challenges, of course, in preparation for ministry is, having taken Greek, to maintain Greek information and skills in the daily grind of ministry.  In brief fashion Campbell covers key advice I have heard previously and more points I had not heard or thought of before.  I really wish I had received this book 20 years ago and now hope all my students will get it.  Campbell’s key points are:

–  Ready every day
–  Burn your interlinear
–  Use software tools wisely (don’t jump to help too quickly)
–  Make vocabulary your friend
–  Practice your parsing
–  Read fast
–  Read slow (so vary your reading)
–  Use your senses (sight, hearing, etc.)

Of course a simple list does not capture the power of the book.  One great strength is Campbell’s tone and approach.  He is very realistic.  It would be easy to suggest more work than anyone could do.  Campbell’s ideas though obviously emerge from the real life of his own practice and of encouraging others.  Also, his breezy, encouraging tone is helpful.  He will give the firm exhortation, but he typically comes across as a chief encourager.

Brevity is also a strength here.  You don’t get bogged down in this book.  I loved reading the book and came away from it deeply encouraged and motivated.

This is great content in the right tone, at the right size and right price.  It is the best thing around on this important topic. Read and be encouraged in your own wrestling with the New Testament as it was originally given.

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