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KJV Conference at Union University

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible.  It is unfortunate that for so many people today mention of the KJV summons up only negative impressions- argument over using only the KJV, specter of unintelligible language, etc.

In fact, the production of this translation is a wonderful example of God’s work in history and something to celebrate. Leland Ryken makes this point  well in a recent column (I previously mentioned his forthcoming book on the KJV).  This translation has had more impact on English language and culture than any other book ever printed.  A recent column in the New York Times makes the point briefly and well- and simply the point that there is a New York Times article illustrates the point!  In an age when the church too often chases the culture seeking impact, it is helpful to consider an instance where the church shaped culture.

In order to reflect on and celebrate this anniversary, the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies at Union University will host the conference “KJV400: Legacy and Impact” September 15-17, 2011.  We will have plenary addresses from Leland Ryken, Timothy George and John Woodbridge.  In addition Union faculty members from a wide variety of disciplines (e.g. theology, history, literature, business, art, science, political science) will present papers on the impact of the KJV on their disciplines.  More information (including registration) will be soon forthcoming at the Ryan Center website.

Much will be said this year about the KJV.  It will be profitable to listen, reflect on God’s work in the past and, then, pray and work for the renewal of His work today.


  1. Ray says:

    Thanks Marion!
    It is great to hear from you and I am glad this blog can be e benefit your family. We are planning to visit Aberdeen next spring.

  2. Mrion Bucahn says:

    Just to say how much I appreciate your blog- our whole family benefits!
    Our 2 sons first experience of learning the Bible in Sunday School was from KJV.(at toddler stage)
    We moved due my husband’s job and attended another church where NIV used in childrens Sunday school.
    My eldest (only 5/6 at the time)one day totally out of the blue, remarked how he found it easier to memorise his memory verses from “his old Bible”
    We returned after a year and have moved on since but my son treasures his KJV which he received as a prize that year for Scripture memory.- Have to say he uses NIV now that he’s 18!
    He would say he appreciates KJV and that has been a wonderful teaching mark from God in His life to value and uphold Scripture.

  3. Ray says:

    Thanks for spreading the word Brett. I think you would really enjoy Ryken’s book too. I read it in pre-pub form and it is really good.

  4. Brett says:

    Wow! I didn’t know about this…exciting. I started a Facebook group called “Read Through the King James Bible (KJV) in 2011”; I also recently finished reading Majestie: the King Behind the King James Bible by David Teems. Very informative read. Plan on reading God’s Secretaries this year as well. I’ll spread the word about the conference.

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