Tim Tebow, Through My Eyes

At my blog on children’s literature, The Children’s Hour, I comment on books we read together as a family giving recommendations or warnings. This is the most recent entry from The Children’s Hour:

Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker

(Harper Collins, 2011), hb., 260 pp.
Ages 10+
My boys and I really enjoyed reading this book. It is different from the others books we typically read since it is a contemporary autobiography, but it was very beneficial.  We had already been drawn into the Tim Tebow story as we had watched his college career and his clear Christian witness. When I met and served with his father, Bob Tebow, and learned more about his family we were only drawn more to Tebow.  This is a genuine young man with a solid Christian family.
So, when we saw this book I thought I’d give it a try for our reading together.  We were not disappointed. The book was entertaining and exciting. The stories of his adventures and mishaps with his brothers growing up were fun and familiar! The stories of his competiveness- especially of his 300+ curls to win a contest leaving him unable to straighten out his arms for days!- were fun and challenging.  Throughout the book Tebow held up faith in God, the importance of family, hard work and perseverance, and our responsibility to help others, especially those in need.  He speaks of his accomplishments without bragging and is honest about his own shortcomings. In the end I was glad for my boys to hear this story and example of hard work and commitment to God. It provided a current example of many of the characteristics we have read and talked about elsewhere.
I have suggested roughly the age 10 or above for the book since that is probably about the time the details of football games, etc. will be of particular interest. The only thing that arose which was more tricky with my younger guys was the incident where the reporter asked Tebow if he was saving himself for marriage. Tebow addresses the issue but does so very tactfully. Still, it simply did not make sense to some of my younger boys who have no idea what he was talking about. If I knew of it ahead of time I would simply have skipped that portion for reading aloud, so I mention it to you in case that is of help.
We commend the book to you, and even though we are die-hard Packer fans we will be pulling for the Broncos as well when Tim Tebow is on the field.

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