New Episcopal Bishop’s View of Christianity

Today’s issue of USA Today has an article on Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, whose installation has caused a fissure in Anglican life. The article is interesting in what you see of her vision of what ministry is about. Perhaps the most striking part is at the end. Another bishop affirmed her saying:

“She’s profoundly faithful to the central claims of the church and the
Scriptures. People who say she’s not are making that up.”

Then we have this from Schori:

She sees two strands of faith: One is “most concerned with atonement, that Jesus died for our sins and our most important task is to repent.” But the other is “the more gracious strand,” says the bishop who dresses like a sunrise.
It “is to talk about life, to claim the joy and the blessings for good that it offers, to look forward.
“God became human in order that we may become divine. That’s our task.”

Whatever that is, it is not faithful to the central claims of the Church and Scripture (1 John 4:1-6). This only serves to remind us of the need to faithfully teach our people the Scriptures in this day.

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