Calvin on God’s Provision & Joy

Preaching on 1 Timothy 4 (esp. vv. 7-10) Calvin repeatedly stresses the importance of the eternal perspective and the reality of the resurrection for our perseverance. Things often go badly for Christians and the wicked seem to escape (believers were being executed in his day). He also warns against the folly of seeking our ultimate fulfillment in the things of this life. In this context the following excerpt is found. I found the mention of our true goal and confidence in God’s goodness helpful so I pass it along to you.

if a man gives himself to serve God, and seeks nothing but to end the course of his life with a pure conscience, he has all that man can desire. And why? For God will look after him in this world, and however it fares with him, yet he shall find out in the end that he has a good patron and a good defender in heaven. And the best thing is that we know where our inheritance and everlasting rest is. (Sermon 33)

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