Reflections on the Last Battle

I was able to be home last week with my family, so I did more riding around with my boys. As we have ridden this last week we have listened to the the audio of C. S. Lewis’s The Last Battle. Patrick Stewart does the reading and does a great job.

I have read/listened to this book numerous times and still find it fresh, fun and stimulating. Listening again I was reminded of my post from a few weeks ago on preaching with imagination. In the comments I was asked for examples of such preaching. I have heard such preaching but was not prepared with some good, easily accessible examples. C. S. Lewis is a great example of good imaginative communication (though it is not preaching). In the Narnia series he powerfully communicates truths in fresh ways. I plan to take a few posts to reflect on some examples from The Last Battle.

As one preliminary note, let me acknowledge that The Last Battle does contain the most significant theological error in the Narnia series: a worshipper of the false god Tash is invited into heaven and is told he was really worshipping Aslan all along even though he did not know it. It is clear what Lewis is suggesting, and I will be as clear in saying Lewis missed it here. Mature reading requires the sifting of wheat and husk, and the presence of some husk does not negate the presence of some really good wheat as well.

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