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Brian Vickers’ New Book on Justification

vickers justification

I recently received my copy of Brian Vickers’ new book, Justification by Grace through Faith: Finding Freedom from Legalism, Lawlessness, Pride and Despai. I had the privilege of reading this book in pre-published form and writing a commendation for it. Vickers provides an example not only of constructing theology well but also of grasping the spirit of the doctrine and applying it well. Tom Schreiner said, “This is the first book I would give to a scholar or layperson desiring to learn more about justification.” That is high praise indeed!

This is a good book written by a pastoral scholar who is not chasing abstract ideas but is seeking to shepherd souls by the word of God for the glory of God. I commend it to you

Here is my blurb for the book:

Brian Vickers’ Justification is a delightful read with its pastoral warmth and engaging style. Too easily and too often this crucial doctrine becomes merely an abstract, academic debate. Vickers, while aware of the debates, constantly roots the discussion in the impact and benefit this teaching should have for life according to the Scriptures. Vickers’ years of teaching this material in seminary and missions settings is apparent as he explains carefully and well, writing in a way that flows easily. I warmly commend it to all.

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