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“As Becomes the Oracles of God”

foxcroft gospel ministryThis is a powerful portrait of preaching from Thomas Foxcroft’s book, The Gospel Ministry. Note his combination of close study and earnest, clear exposition.

“They must endeavor for as thorough an understanding and penetration into the mysteries of godliness as they can, and labor to draw the images thereof in their sermons as near as possible in their full proportion, and their native purity and complexion, with the most lively colors; neither clouded with those dark shades which sometimes stain the luster of divine truths, nor varnished over with the false paint of art, which dazzles the sight and entangles the eye, that they cannot see the true light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus. . . .

Let a man descend to the ordinary understanding, and yet speak as becomes the oracles of God, agreeable to the dignity and weight of the sacred subject with those serious and solemn, pathetic and moving words that will not so much entertain curiosity and a wanton imagination as affect the soul and persuade the mind.  Let him use words that will be as goads and nails, fastened by the Master of assemblies, that will enter the conscience, and breathe heavenly fire to melt and enliven the dead affections.” (pp.34-35)

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