Exodus Study This Weekend

I am preparing this week to do the January Bible Study on Exodus this weekend at Poplar Heights Baptist Church here in Jackson. I will have about three hours Friday night, three Saturday morning, and then the two Sunday services. There is much to cover to summarize this important book well. I have been struck by the richness of Exodus as I have listened to it over the last few weeks.
Desmond Alexander’s summary of the book states well what I hope to communicate:

“Exodus is essentially a book about knowing God through personal experience. The plot centers on the relationship which develops between the LORD God and the Israelites, from the dramatic meeting with Moses at the burning bush (3:1-4:17) to the glory of the Lord filling the tabernacle (40:34-38). Throughout the Exodus God always takes the initiative, revealing himself not only through words, but also through sings and wonders. In differing ways he reveals his most significant attributes: his sovereign majesty; his holiness; his power to perform signs and wonders; his awesome glory; his righteousness; his compassion.”
(From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Pentateuch, 2d ed, p. 157)

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